Book and Culture Festival


Check out the Book and Culture Festival at the Botanical Garden, where you’ll find more than 2000 workshops on topics such as writing, painting, drawing comics, and others.


Medellin is a city that has gone through several stages of transformation due to many conflicts that it has had to overcome; social and economic conflicts have marked the city through the years and the commitment to restore confidence and quality of life to the people has been huge by the state authorities and the citizens themselves who have sought alternatives to move forward and leave stigmas aside and brands that have stayed after a difficult period during the 90’s.

The city adopted reading as a tool for transformation and for several years in Medellin the Book and Culture Festival has been held, a festivity with a magical atmosphere that revolves around art, books and culture.


The entire Botanical Garden is divided into areas of interest so that each person may find an activity that fits them. An information desk offers visitors a guide, and reading promoters take care of every visitor, advising them on the best places to visit in the festival. It also has special areas devoted to reading stories aloud, leisure and recreational facilities for children, plays, musical shows, traveling performers and workshops to promote reading in which classes and lectures on different subjects are taught, such as drawing comics, design, writing, animation, painting, history and more.

In addition, there are special spaces offered by this great festival of art and culture: “El Biblocirco”, a circus where artists interpret their shows based on readings and books of great importance, and the shopping area is made of more than 100 new books.

The books of new writers is a perfect place to buy books at a great price and spend all day enjoying the different activities performed at the Festival of Books and Culture.


One of the challenges the Secretariat of Civic Culture faces is to encourage good habits, culture and the involvement to reach the community through educational tools and cultural components that enable people to have new experiences. Reading has been precisely one of the components that has generated wide acceptance and transformation in city dwellers.

The Book Festival is the perfect place to spend a day. Even during the days of the festival, the program varies and it is possible to find different things every day; you can buy all kinds of texts at the best prices and fun activities surrounding reading and learning.


The best way to arrive to the Botanical Garden is the Metro System. You go down in the University Station and pass the street, and there you see the entrance. Besides, you can take bus routes like “San Cristobal Moravia” downtown of the city.


Go with comfortable clothes, to visit the event without being in a hurry and take the time to experience the different activities. The event also features a food court where you can find a variety of food for all tastes and with adequate standards of quality and hygiene.


Location: Medellín Botanical Garden

Address: Calle 73 N # 51 D

Date: From September 13 to September 22

Price: Free admission

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Transport: Close to the Universidad Metro Station

Contact: (57 – 4) 444 8691


Coordinates: 6 ° 16'16.4 "N 75 ° 33'48.0" W. 6.271223, -75.563342