Cultural Events

Feria de flores, Christmas Lights, Book Fair and much more, you can check it out here!

Sport Events

What about sports in the city? Medellín has sport events that you will love!

Economy Events

For the investors, we have some events that might be of your interest!

Technology Events

Medellin invests a lot on technology and that is why it is one of the most advanced cities in South America, Check Out the Events!

Recreational Events

Comic-con in Medellin? Yes, and many other fun events that you can´t miss!

Musical/Arts Events

Are you a music and art lover? Well, you came to the right place, these are the events we have specially for you!

Fashion Events

Medellin is one of the fashion capitals in south america and here we show you why!

Innovation events

The innovation award winner city has lots of events to prove why it was the winner in 2013, Check them out!

Health Events

Are you in the health business? The city has events that you might like a lot, Don´t miss them!