Money Exchange

It is very important to keep your cash safe, here we recommend you a few places where you can change your currency safely, Safety first!

ATMs in Medellin

ATMs in Medellin Safety - Withdraw your cash in the daytime. Not only is this safer, but sometimes ATMs run out of cash at night. - Choose ATMs in shopping malls or banks - Be aware of your surroundings - Cover your pin with your hand - Take your debit card back to your place after use - Carry only the cash that you will need for the day Benefits of ATMsover Currency Exchange Houses - No

Currency Exchange Houses

Currency Exchange Houses Currency Exchange Houses typically charge a commission of 8-10%. In order to get the best exchange rate, you are better off withdrawing pesos from an ATM or using a credit card. However, there are many establishments in Medellin which only accept cash, and ATMs have daily withdrawal limits. If you must go to a Currency Exchange House, Unicambios and Interdolar are

Beware the Purple Gringo Eater

Beware the Purple Gringo Eater I went to the Yamaha Service Center the other day to get my motorcycle’s oil changed, and paid by credit card, only to receive a nasty surprise. There was a 3.5% surcharge added to my bill for processing a foreign credit card. Note that this is in addition to the exchange fee charged by your bank. After talking to the clerk and her manager, I came to learn that


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